Entrepreneur.com Article & Interview with Lauren Farleigh on The Hum!

“Use fear to your advantage,” “I eat brutal for lunch,” and other words to the wise from Dote CEO & Founder Lauren Farleigh on Entrepreneur.com today and The Hum:

I Was a Contestant on ‘Planet of the Apps’ and Got a $5 Million Investment. Here Are 5 Things I Learned From the Experience.



“Where you start doesn’t matter.” – an interview with Lauren Farleigh, CEO & Founder of Dote



Hi Dote Shoppers!

The Hum wrote about Dote! Check out the full article or read some of our favorite parts below:

…There are other apps that do this but what sets Dote apart is their proprietary tech that allows for the user to checkout within the app. The other apps on the market kick you out to the store’s own website to complete your transactions. The result is an extremely simple and enjoyable experience for the user and a conversion rate better than 10X that of their competitors…

…Dote is also pursuing a purpose larger than themselves. Over 50% of their tech team is comprised of women and they are using their new found popularity to help inspire more women to enter the tech industry, including taking over the Women in Tech Snapchat this past week…

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…You should probably go download Dote right now. First, because it will improve your life and second, to leave some feedback campaigning for Taco to be shared with the world. #tacotakeover


Thanks for the great write up! 🙂

(Taco, for those of you who don’t know, is Dote’s founder Lauren’s dog and the world’s cutest wearer of small hats.)


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