Hi Dote Shoppers—

Because we’re both doing our summer internship with Dote remotely (Tasha from LA and Gretchen from New York), this past weekend we flew into San Francisco for a special week at Dote HQ!

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Lindsay (Partnerships Intern!), Gretchen & Tasha

We visited Lightspeed Venture Partners, the VC firm that invested $5 million in Dote on Planet of the Apps. We met with Nikki Quinn and learned all about what investors look at when evaluating an early stage product and team.

We also hung out with Josh Constine, Editor-at-Large of Techcrunch and learned all about what it’s like to have front row access to the latest developments in Silicon Valley. We heard about he created his own masters in cyber-sociology and were inspired to think about integrating our own abilities in YouTube content creation into our coursework when we go back to school in the Fall. 

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Josh & Gretchen & Tasha

We love you! Stay just the way you are.


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Hi Dote Shoppers!

The Hum wrote about Dote! Check out the full article or read some of our favorite parts below:

…There are other apps that do this but what sets Dote apart is their proprietary tech that allows for the user to checkout within the app. The other apps on the market kick you out to the store’s own website to complete your transactions. The result is an extremely simple and enjoyable experience for the user and a conversion rate better than 10X that of their competitors…

…Dote is also pursuing a purpose larger than themselves. Over 50% of their tech team is comprised of women and they are using their new found popularity to help inspire more women to enter the tech industry, including taking over the Women in Tech Snapchat this past week…

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…You should probably go download Dote right now. First, because it will improve your life and second, to leave some feedback campaigning for Taco to be shared with the world. #tacotakeover


Thanks for the great write up! 🙂

(Taco, for those of you who don’t know, is Dote’s founder Lauren’s dog and the world’s cutest wearer of small hats.)


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Vogue Logo

Guys. We’re in Vogue!

Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Alba share their excitement about Dote in an article about Apple’s new show Planet of the Apps featuring Dote. (SPOILER ALERT: WE WIN.) It’s got us feeling pretty fancy. 


So far, the biggest financial triumph has been for one of Paltrow’s mentees, Lauren Farleigh, who founded Dote, an app that makes mobile online shopping easier than ever. “It’s like a modern mall,” says Alba of Dote, which features items from popular chain stores, including Urban Outfitters, Sephora, and Zara. “But it’s all on one checkout,” adds Paltrow, as if she’s still trying to sell me this idea. “You don’t have to go to this store’s app and this other store’s app. It’s all very seamless.” After Farleigh presented the idea to a group of VCs at Lightspeed Venture Partners, she managed to land a $5 million investment for Dote; one of the largest ever doled out on a TV series.

I know I know. We can’t believe it either. You can read the whole article here.


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Dote Shoppers! It’s Gretchen and Tasha.

We’re in New York! Surviving the heat and Time Square. Yesterday we visited our newest brand partner. Welcome to Dote, Winky Lux!

We hung out with Natalie Mackey (@missnattymack), CEO at Winky Lux, and chatted about the latest in cosmetics. Winky Lux makes luxury color makeup with fun, bright designs. They’re the creators of the patent pending “lip pill” & the Flower Balm (there’s a flower inside the balm) inspired as they would say, “by MAGIC!”

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Now you can shop Winky Lux on Dote. (With a surprise gift with every order!) Let us know what other brands you’d like to see us add this summer.

Love you. Stay just the way you are.


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Tasha and Gretchen here!

Last week! What. a. whirlwind. Our Planet of the Apps episode aired and our CEO and Founder Lauren Farleigh spent the week in New York on a press tour with Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Alba, Will.i.am, and Gary V. Yes, somehow this is real life!


Lauren Farleigh, CEO & Founder of Dote, with everyone from the TODAY Show



Gwyneth Paltrow, Dote advisor & Greatest Of All Time



Will.i.am, entrepreneur & fashion inspo



Sad that Lauren didn’t choose him as an advisor. Still love you Gary V.

Lauren texted us these photos from behind the scenes at the TODAY Show, The View, Ryan Seacrest and a press junket at the Crosby Hotel in Soho. Yes! Seriously, still real life.

Lauren on E at the Planet of the Apps Premiere Party in LA

Refinery29 wrote an article about Lauren and her experience on Planet of the Apps called What It’s Like To Have Gwyneth Paltrow as Your Mentor.

Plus she had an interview with Cheddar at the New York Stock Exchange alongside Dote investor, Lightspeed’s Jeremy Liew. (Oh yeah, Lightspeed wrote a piece too!)

Whew! Big stuff still to come. Until then, as always, we love you. Stay just the way you are.


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Hi Dote Shoppers! It’s Gretchen and Tasha again.  

We’re buzzing through the work day because tonight is our much anticipated Planet of the Apps episode featuring Dote and our CEO and founder Lauren Farleigh! Ahhhhh. You can watch the trailer here. (That’s Lauren coming down the escalator!)

Lauren and Gretchen are going to be watching it from the W Hotel in New York tonight when the episode premieres at 9 PM EST. The rest of the Dote team is having a watching party from the office in San Francisco at 6 PST. Tasha is on her own 😉 but we’ll all be recording live so we can experience this with you! Look out for Instagram live notifications from doteshopping, lfarleigh, gretchenlovesbeauty and tasha.farsaci. Let us what you think on Twitter too @Doteshopping!

We love you! Stay just the way you are.


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Hi Dote Shoppers! Tasha and Gretchen here.

We’re embarking on the summer of our lives—teaming up with Dote for our first internship in fashion and technology! We can’t wait to share with you everything we’re up to. Write to us, tweet at us, comment, and DM us—join us on this amazing journey. We’re going to be learning a ton, and traveling to San Francisco, LA, and New York to meet with some of our idols in the fashion industry and meet the teams behind brands like MAC cosmetics, Lime Crime, Charlotte Russe, and lots of others too.

Make sure you have a Dote account to watch our videos in the app, and follow Dote’s instagram, our instagrams, and this blog if you want to get updates. We can’t wait to spend the summer with you!

We love you! Stay just the way you are.


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